Beans among the corn rowsSubsistence Agriculture

Essentially all of the residents of El Rosario and the surrounding villages are subsistence farmers who depend on what they raise to feed their families.  Because ACTS is primarily concerned with overall quality of life in the area, many of our efforts are directed at, or involve in some way, agriculture.


Improving agricultural methodsTraining in Agriculture

ACTS has supported agricultural development by providing financial, technical and infrastructure support to several collaborating partner organizations in Honduras.  Instituto Nacional de Formacion Profesional (INFOP) is a Honduran government organization that has done training for the local farmers with ACTS support.  Sustainable Harvest International has been active in the area for many years with a great deal of financial and infrastructure support from ACTS and its members. Starting in 2013, thanks to a qualified volunteer, ACTS  has been able to provide workshops in agricultural topics such as safe handling of pesticides, and animal husbandry.

Girl with cabbageMicro Bank

Originally trained through a program of Sustainable Harvest International, local farmers made a request to ACTS in early 2013 for help in establishing a micro bank with the goal of improving the efficiency and productivity of local farms. ACTS invested $11,000 as seed money. Positive results were quickly apparent. There are now 25 families who are “clients” of the program. Loans are combined with an agricultural education program that involves professional educators teaching onsite for a week at a time. As examples, loans have supported farmers to raise chickens, control erosion, improve the corn harvest, plant fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

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