Donate Supplies or Equipment 

Goods, materials, and equipment are a very practical way of helping. Due to the high costs transporting equipment to Honduras, our specific in-kind requests are generally limited to what our volunteers can take inchecked baggage on flights. (ACTS is in discussion with a manufacturer headquartered in Pennsylvania with a facility in Honduras about occasional transport of large items.) Listed below are the types of things that ACTS needs on a regular basis:

Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment: ACTSprovides health services and medications to our patients for free or at a loss. Additionally, the remote locations make it difficult to purchase many medications and supplies.

Medical Supplies (at least one year prior to expiration)

  • Sterile bandages
  • Ace bandages
  • Suture material, syringes and local anesthetic
  • Rubber gloves
  • Surgical masks, surgical hats and boots

Medical Equipment

  • Blood pressure cuffs – manual or battery operated
  • Otoscope – disposal battery or wall mounted
  • Ophthalmoscopes – disposable battery or wall mounted
  • Stethoscopes – adult and pediatric
  • Rectal and oral thermometers
  • Dental instruments
  • Suture kits
  • Eye glasses, non-prescription

Books and Educational Materials: ACTS always has a use for books and educational materials for the library, the rotating library, and the schools.

  • Children’s books in Spanish
  • Books in Spanish for all age groups
  • Multiple copies of the same book
  • Books in Spanish and English
  • Spanish DVD’s and CD’s for education and entertainment
  • National Geographic Spanish editions, not older than five years.
  • Trade journals in Spanish, not older than two years.

Miscellaneous: A variety of other items are used in workshops

  • Fabrics and notions for sewing projects
  • School supplies such as writing implements and notebooks
  • Craft supplies
  • Musical instruments

How to Donate

If you have these items to donate, or other items that you think might be useful to the ACTS mission, please contact ACTS will be pleased to supply you with a donation receipt for tax purposes.