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ACTS relies on financial contributions from supporters

Help ACTS promote sustainable programs for healtheducation and development in collaboration with rural Honduran communities. We rely on support from people like you to be able to continue our work in this very poor area of Honduras. We welcome donations in any amount. Unrestricted funds provide us the most flexibility to rapidly meet the needs of our communities. However if you have a particular aspect of our work that you would like to support, we will be more than happy to honor your request.

We have needs in all of our ongoing programs. At present there are two relatively large projects for which we are seeking funds: completion of the new water system for the village of Carrizalito, and addition of a dental clinic to the existing El Rosario medical clinic.

In addition to donation of money, we are pleased to be able to accept the donation of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Contribution Methods

We welcome donations by credit card, PayPal, personal check, and by donations of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

To donate by credit card or PayPal, please click on the Paypal button to the left.

Mailing a check donation provides the greatest benefit to ACTS since no fees are taken from the transaction. To donate by check, please mail your check to:

Hart Silverwood, ACTS Treasurer
12 Granger Dr
Lee, NH03861-6549

Please include your mailing address and your email address so we can send you a receipt.

Donation of Stock, Bond, or Mutual Fund Assets

Donation of appreciated assets is a great way to maximize your support of ACTS. If you donate your asset directly to ACTS, you can avoid tax on the gains and because ACTS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, we do not pay taxes on the gains.  This can effectively increase your donation to ACTS up to 20% at no cost to you. When contemplating a donation of securities, it is vital that you inform us of your intention because we are not able to determine the transfer origination due to banking privacy laws.  You need to tell us that the asset is being transferred, from where and how much.  This will enable us to credit you with the donation.  The value is determined by IRS regulations:  the closing price of the security on the day it reached our account.

Your transaction can be handled directly by your broker to our brokerage account at Vanguard Brokerage Services. If you or your broker have any questions about this, feel free to contact us at

Thank you very much for your support!