Volunteer Opportunities in El Rosario


ACTS welcomes all types of volunteers, especially if you have skill or interest in education, primary healthcare, dental, public health, or nutrition.

Spanish:  It is very helpful if you are fluent or proficient in Spanish, particularly if you are a medical provider. However on most trips, a translator is available some or most of the time. 

Skills:  ACTS gives priority to people with advanced skills.  The current needs follow:

  • Health Professions: Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists, and advanced level students/residents of each of those professions.
  • Public Health: Individuals with training and/or experience in public health are particularly needed for the planning and execution of our community-based programs, project management, data management, training and work on special projects.  From StoS – Is this applicable to ACTS?  
  • Education: As we expand the schools, leadership program, scholarship program and libraries, we have a need for teachers and educational professionals.
  • Computer systems: As we work to improve access to computers and computer training at the El Rosario Education Center and elsewhere, individuals who can help set up a computer lab and do computer training
  • Administration: Individuals with work experience in systems, business, people management, accounting, and quality improvement can help in a variety of ways. Retired leaders and managers are particularly welcome.

Some practical notes: ACTS volunteers pay their own way, including travel costs and a share of the in-country costs like food, truck rental, and interpreter if needed. There is no charge for sleeping in the ACTS bunkhouse, but often a hotel stay is needed at the beginning and/or end of a trip. For the most part, ACTS volunteers live in the “Upper Valley” of Vermont/New Hampshire so that they can participate in planning meetings and follow-up activities.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with ACTS.

Volunteer Opportunities in the U.S. 

ACTS relies on volunteers in the United States in a number of ways. If you have an interest in helping, here are some of the ways we may be able to use your assistance:

  • Identify sources of books, CDs and periodicals pertinent to the livelihoods of adults in Locamapa.  Materials should be in Spanish
  • Evaluate software and texts for teaching adults English as a second language
  • Locate and evaluate curricula and training for volunteers teaching English as a second language to adults
  • Identify and evaluate programs for teaching Spanish to villagers who cannot read
  • Serve on an advisory committee for the El Rosario Education Center and the Doctor Dean Biblioteca
  • Collect books in Spanish for a rotating school library
  • Serve on the development committee to create a master plan
  • Help maintain the ACTS website
  • Serve as coordinator of ACTS’ Facebook page
  • Help maintain ACTS’ donor database (MS Access)
  • Discover opportunities to curate a display of ACTS’ photo gallery in public and private venues
  • Edit vignettes for the Website from returning volunteer teams
  • Hold a giant yard sale
  • Coordinate fabric donations for the EducationCenter sewing classes
  • Help with ACTS’ annual solicitation
  • Host or find speaking opportunities to spread the word about ACTS

If you are interested in helping in one of these ways, or in others that come to mind, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.