At any given time, some trips planned are planned in general, but not necessarily scheduled in detail. Here are some on the horizon:

Fall, 2017: Traditionally there is a fall trip in November, with the goal of checking in on and advancing projects underway.

December, 2017: In the past, the Fuerza para el Futuro visit was held in March, but starting in 2017, the Fuerza program is moving to December to be more in line with school breaks in both Honduras and the U/\.S.

December, 2017: Engineers Without Borders anticipates a trip in December to work on the Los Planes water system, among others.

Early 2018: Typically there are 3 to 4 trips in the January through April period. The early 2018 trips will be posted when they are scheduled.

Please note that this is subject to change, as new ideas and new volunteers come forward, and ACTS endeavors to act expeditiously on promising volunteer efforts