Volunteers and El Rosario friendsThe people of El Rosario, Donors and Volunteers: Our most important partners are the people of El Rosario who work with us side by side; those folks in our home areas who support us financially and make the work of an all volunteer organization possible; and finally the many volunteers who donate extraordinary time and talents to ACTS.


PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: ACTS has recruited many partner organizations and has enjoyed many helpful associations in fulfilling its mission in Honduras.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Northeastern University Student Chapter, has been partnering with ACTS since 2005 to help El Rosario and the surrounding communities improve their access to clean, reliable drinking water.   Recently, its alumni team (the “A-Team”) has continued with projects when university students were not able to go due to travel restrictions.

La Fuerza para el Futuro (Force for the Future) (previously “Dartmouth Alumni and Students for Honduras or “DASH”) was founded in 2009 by two Dartmouth alums, Christine Averill ’13 and Juliana Ortego ’13 to implement the spring youth leadership camps in El Rosario. Every year Dartmouth alums and students travel to El Rosario with “La Fuerza” along with one or more ACTS volunteers to organize and implement the camp which attracts youth from El Rosario and villages as far away as an hour’s walk. The camp has proven to be vitally important in developing young leaders in the area.

The Children’s Initiative (TCI) ACTS has partnered and collaborated on several educational projects with The Children’s Initiative based in Portland, Maine and directed by Charlie Miller, culminating in TCI’s construction in 2012 of a middle school facility in El Rosario. See

Partners of the Americas (PoA) founded in 1964 is a non-profit based in Washington DC that endeavors to “solve global challenges operate in isolation, leaving community needs unmet and donor dollars underutilized…..We bring the right mix of players – volunteers, development professionals, governments, businesses, and higher education institutions – to the table in order to match resources, knowledge and passion to need. By connecting local organizations to broader funding opportunities and empowering citizens to become agents of change, we develop lasting solutions to our hemisphere’s toughest challenges, together.” When PoA was in its early years, the State of Vermont was partnered with the country of Honduras. In 2017, PoA helped to support the Vermont Honduras Partners Conference organized by ACTS in Vermont that brought together the several non-profits based in Vermont that work with Hondurans either in the US or in country.

A summary report on Vermont Honduras Partners Conference is available here.

ASSOCIATES: Help has come along the way from many other organizations both in the U.S. and Honduras. These include Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Dartmouth College, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Geisel School of Medicine, The Center for Genomics and Advanced Testing at Dartmouth, Alice Peck Day Hospital, Gifford Memorial Hospital, Coverys, Academy of Dentistry International, Zondervan Foundation, New Holland Apparel, the Lyme Bargain Barn, the United Church of Dorset (Vermont), University of New HampshireKeene State College, Simmons College, Antioch New England College, and Sustainable Harvest International.  Northeastern EWB students in field

In Honduras, in-country organizations have worked with us on particular areas of interest – Maestro en Casa and PIALI (education), and La Liga Contra el Cancer (health).