Four ACTS team members traveled to El Rosario to advance several on-going projects and to conduct a men’s “Jornada” (cancer screening). The Education Center is bustling with activity, with computer classes offered both morning and afternoon. Construction is underway for the pesticide storage and contamination reduction project. The pesticide CLARO project 1 study on agricultural chemical use and attitudes is underway in partnership with the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and this trip included a well-received pilot pesticide demonstration project. A further partnership that connects ACTS, La Liga Contra el Cancer (located in San Pedro Sula), the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Fuerza and the people of El Rosario conducted the first ever Men’s Jornada in which 319 men were screened over two days for five different cancer types. 39 men were encouraged to go to La Liga for follow-ups. Finally, the team was also able to investigate a water problem that has been reported in Los Planes, with the findings reported to Engineers Without Borders for follow-up.