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Community Development in the Mountains of Honduras

ACTS (Americans Caring Teaching Sharing) was established in 1986 in response to concerns for peace and justice in Central America. Our mission is community development in partnership with farming villages in the remote mountains of Honduras in the Yoro region.

For the first 15 years ACTS concentrated on the village of El Rosario to improve their health standards, promote community involvement, and provide help with sustainable agriculture.

ACTS accomplishments in El Rosario:

  • Medical clinic established including nurse training and visits from ACTS volunteer physicians 5 times/year
  • Dental services from ACTS volunteer dentists once a year
  • Bunk house built for volunteers
  • Fresh water tap to each household from new water system
  • Concrete latrine at each household
  • Stove pipes installed to improve air quality
  • Agricultural education for over 100 families from Sustainable Harvest International
  • Local Health & Development Committee established and Medical Clinic Board

El Rosario is the Model
For 25 years, since 1986, the villagers of El Rosario have worked side by side with ACTS volunteers to improve their lives. It first involved caring for their children with head lice and worms due to unclean water, and now it’s to educate and train their children to deal with 21st century challenges. The men and women of El Rosario, initially subsistence farmers of corn and beans, have become community leaders and educators, managing their medical clinic, initiating public education programs, running a micro bank, managing pinon tree and coffee plantations, and a chicken farm. Now the younger generation has stepped up for leadership training, community service and expanded educational opportunity. El Rosario is the model. Other communities want to follow. They need our help.

The Regional Library and Education Center is OPEN!


Books Boys

After more than two years of hard work a crumbling, vacated, cinderblock building in El Rosario has been transformed into a sparkling, dynamic library and education center. A year ago it was empty, but now we have books! A core of 125 culturally appropriate books were selected with the guidance of village teachers and others. The library serves villagers from the surrounding area who reach it on foot, on horseback or by rickety bus. Shelves and tables were constructed by community volunteers and Fuerza de la Futura (Force for the Future), a group of forty teenagers from nine villages organized by students involved in the Dartmouth College Global Leadership Program led by Linda Kennedy. Most significantly, Honduran teenagers participating in the program have been trained to share in the operation of the library. Our dedicated partner in this undertaking, TCI (The Children’s Initiative), founded by Charlie Miller and Jeremy Hubball helped make it possible. In a surprise ceremony organized by the village leaders, the library was dedicated as the Doctor Dean Regional Library in recognition of Dr. Dean Seibert’s friendship and service to the community for over fifteen years.





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